Thursday, May 5, 2011

pink lace

I'm obsessed with lace. All sorts of lace, in all sorts of pastel colours. And when I find ruffled lace in one of my favourite colours, pink (the other favourite colours are gold, white, and purple, but you didn't really need to know that now, did you?!), I am in lace heaven and can't resist buying it. 

So after I bought this particular ruffled pink lace, I decided that I couldn't just stare at it for eons, and that I needed to do something with it. So I took a vintage gold photo frame, and started layering the lace inside it. Then I stuck it on my wall, so everyone can have a nice gawk at it too. I think it's turned out fabulously. 

Yay for DIY projects, yay for lace and a special yay for Tupu Sawant, the winner of our April 2011 photography contest!

p.s.: This is the second-to-last post from all the girl-week posts. The last one will be a photo of a corner of my room.