Friday, August 5, 2011

Date with singing queen

Shreya Ghoshal....!!!!

Sitting idle, wondering what to do, 'Saibo (Shor in the city)', a Shreya Ghoshal song, playing in background pulled me back into the memory lane of meeting with the sweetest voice ever heard, Shreya Ghoshal.

I had been to Jalgaon, my friend's place,  January, '10. Over there we attended Shreya Ghoshal's concert. While we were moving out of the venue, I spotted a car in which Shreya was there. We ran and followed her car. By the time we could reach her car, it was parked outside the hotel with no clue where Shreya disappeared. We waited around her car hoping that Shreya will come back soon or later. Later we learnt that she would be probably checking out late in the night at 3:00 AM. Our hopes were dead of meeting the legendary.

Disappointed, strolling back to our room, one friend burped out- "lets come at 3 in the night!" Our joy relived! We were at the entrance of hotel at sharp 2:30AM, blood gushing through veins, excited! Shreya made it a little late, the wait was worth that we ever experienced.

We met her (she is gorgeous), took this picture, she gave us an autograph and a lifetime memory. ;-)