Sunday, September 27, 2009

New authors!

Heya! As you might've noticed, we've got two brand new authors on this blog! A warm welcome to Helen of Cross Bones Style, and Kunal of Kunal Kava!

Kunal and I are quite busy with exams, assessments and what-not at the moment, so I apologise if our posts aren't as frequent as we hope them to be ... but I'm quite interested to see where this little photo-trip takes us! Hopefully we'll get to relive these days when we're all old and wrinkly and looking back at our blog! Hahaha!

Other thing that's really interesting is that we three are from different countries! Helen from the US of A, Kunal from India, and little old me from little old New Zealand! So I'm thinking our photos will differ muchly! [and of course, each of us has a unique style, too!]

Special thanks to Stephanie and Aparna for following us!

Oh, and a note to Helen and Kunal: I'm sorry that we only have my name in the blog address ... I didn't know I was going to get contributors, you see ... and the other possible names have already been taken ... what should we do about this?!