Monday, October 19, 2009

Battle of the seasons

I've been busy with assignments [and some other stuff], so I haven't been able to upload as much as I'd've liked to ... but, here I recycle one of my images. It's already being used for an assignment, and now it's going on this blog post!

The trees in our backyard are so pretty ... for two completely different reasons. One is bursting with life [and leaves!], while the other stands still [and completely leafless!]. Seems as if the leafless tree has forgotten that it is spring ... someone needs to jog it out of its sleep. I remember a poem we had to study for English way back in Year 7. It was called The Chrysanthemum, and it talks about how the flower forgets to bloom in spring, but blooms in autumn instead. It's a poem that's stuck to me like a piece of gum on your shoe.

Haha, I'd only meant to write the first paragraph, but one thought led to another, and here's a humongous blog post!

Don't forget to scroll down for the poem [and leave comments]!

The Chrysanthemum:

The rose is called the queen of flowers, 
          Surrounded by her sisters fair, 
          A lovely throng of beauties rare, 
She holds her court 'mid summer bowers, 
          'Neath smiling skies of sunny blue, 
          Gayly they bloom the summer through 
Brightening all the golden hours. 
          But when the autumn days have come 
          Then blooms our sweet Chrysanthemum. 
As we watch the summer days depart 
          And the painted leaves in silence fall, 
          And the vines are dead upon the wall; 
A dreamy sadness fills each heart, 
          Our garden seems a dreary place, 
          No brilliant flowers its borders grace, 
Save in a sheltered nook apart, 
          Where gay beneath the autumn sun 
          Blooms our own Chrysanthemum. 
Ah! she is not a "Summer Friend," 
          She stays when all the rest have flown, 
          And left us flowerless and alone; 
No singing birds, or blooms to lend 
          Their brightness to the autumn haze, 
          'Tis she who cheers the dreary days; 
'Tis joy to know so sweet a friend; 
          No fairer flower blooms 'neath the sun 
          Than autumn's queen Chrysanthemum.

__Hattie L. Knapp.

Copyright? Of course no copyright infringement is intended! I just wanted my lovely 
friends and readers to read Ms. Knapp's lovely poem!