Monday, June 28, 2010

Jun 28

Today ... went pretty fast. Here's a photo of my Moroccan Rose Body Mist that I posted about, yesterday:

And I was so pleasantly surprised, when I found out that this was waiting for me when I got home from my class! My mum got it for me from Stevens, because she knew how much I loved my roses! Thanks heaps mum!!! :D (it's Rosebud hand soap!!)

Aaand I watched Devdas (1955). Yes, people say it's better than Devdas (2002), but I like both of them equally {maybe I like Devdas 2002 a teensy bit better ;) }. I also posted about it here, yesterday. And oh yes, the following is a photo of the poster.

Oh, and Kunal and I still haven't figured out the total layout of the blog and posts, so we're still experimenting ... I like this style. The date, the description, followed by a photo or two. Let us know in the comments!